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PREPARE YOURSELVES for the beautiful, colourful explosion of SPRING! Its a time of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

BELIEVE you are well and happy and you will be! Use this time wisely by watching nature...

"Its a releasing or a relinquishing that happens, it's more a letting be; its not a doing. Its difficult for us to let things be because we are a culture programmed to doing. We put value on achieving, on progress, on making things better, on fixing things. Its hard for us just to be still, to release any form of trying" Adrianne Ross

So, as you begin to practice the thoughts that feel better, the cells of your body begin to respond just like everything in the culture begins to respond to the newfound vibration that you’re practicing.” Abraham-Hicks

Bucket full of Sunshine 

The flowers in this design have the following healing energy and meanings:

 Pin cushions: courage

Ranunculus: increase self worth

Orchids:  enable you to reach your goals

 Orange Roses: enthusiasm

Alstroemeria: friendship and devotion



Blended Newness

The flowers in this bunch hold the following meaning and energy

 Pink lavender wax: softens the tough exterior of the self 

Stargazer lilies: letting go/release

 White spider chrysanthemums: truth and honesty



TO order a FLOWERSCAPE bouquet of flowers for your self or to be delivered to someone where the flowers in the arrangement holds meaning for the recipient, select one of the above OR allow us to consult to you on creating an arrangement for someone that's personalized.

Call Jill on 0798735002 or send us an email to place an order

Deliveries in JHB and PTA only.

Flowerscape arrangements bring healing, inspiration and or more energy to peoples lives.

Send a deeper message through FLOWERSCAPE flowers.

With petal magic!


Corollation Flowerscape

Contact Jill on cel: 079 873 5002 or email:

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