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A very beautiful greeting to you, 

May your new year be painted as a flower is painted by the soft brush of the hand of God.

May there be colour and awe in your days and when the winds blow and the storms pass this year, may your roots hold you strong and may you find a way to adapt and be resilient in them until the sun shines again and your soul is nourished and fed.

I imagine that you branch out this year, that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to the dreams, wishes, hopes, loves and events that will bring growth and all you desire. I pray that all the things you wish for make manifest in your life, like dewdrops on petals and brand new buds in Spring.

And mostly, may you remember that the most important relationship for you to nurture this year is the one between you and You! 

See below for some options for you to allow the magic of flowers to fill your soul.

With Light from my flower studio always,


Flower therapy 

When you book a flower communication session with Jill Manson you will receive a powerful and profound message for your life through the medium of flowers. Jill will facilitate a personal journey of self discovery for you using a range of seasonal blooms, in a mindful and magnificently healing way. You will resonate with certain flowers in the session and it will be revealed how these certain flowers align with you and why.

A FLOWERSCAPE session will allow for the following:

Gain valuable insights into your own self/situations
Move past blocks /stuck states
Improve self esteem
Achieve excellence
Assist with letting go of trauma and sadness  or 
emotional turmoil.

R1050.00 per 1.5hr session
Email to book or call Jill 0798735002 


"The most beautiful discovery best friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart" Elizabeth Foley.

Celebrate a birthday, kitchen tea or baby shower with a flower communication workshop called Flowerscape. You and your special people or loved ones will pick flowers from a wide range of seasonal blooms and unravel why these certain flowers are suited to each persons life and what meaning and message this holds for each one. 

A soulful, fun and truly unforgettable experience to have with those close to you.

Host a party at your own home or venue and celebrate life with flowers!

To get more information or book a group email

Flower school dates for 2017

For full information on what each course covers please click here. You can book online for any of these courses or directly with Jill. 


Beginner and Intermediate floral styling 1: Full weekend 

22 - 23 April


15 - 16 July

Intermediate floral styling 2: (requires completion of Beg/Int 1): Full weekend

25 - 26 Mar 


10 - 11 Jun

Advanced floral styling (requires completion of Beg/Int 1 and Int 2): Fri eve - Sun

24 - 26 Feb 


25 - 27 Aug 

Wedding flowers course (requires completion of Beg/Int 1): Fri eve - Sun

16 - 19 Mar 


21 - 23 Jul 

BOOK online or email 

Payment plans are available and can be arranged. Payment is required to book a seat as classes are kept small (max 10 per class). 


Contact Jill on cell: 079 873 5002 or email:

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