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Farewell from the flowers

As I pack my bags for the UK (albeit a few months too late for the Blue Bells) I am struck that this trip marks another goal achieved for me as I prepare to teach a few ladies in Buckinghamshire my beginner and intermediate floristry course early in Jan 2014.

What a magnificent, challenging, physical, yet rewarding, year it has been! I bow my head in humbleness at the mere fact that my beautiful flower (business) has grown another inch high, developed a few more buds which are waiting patiently to bloom and has withstood some mighty fine storms and soaked up some glorious Sun. And stands beautifully kissed by the wishes of this December dew which I now see and brings me to share my wishes and gratitude for you. 

May you be blessed in time spent with your loved ones or in your aloneness.

May you be inspired at this festive time, by all things seen and unseen.

Reflect and restore, rest and relax

Pick flowers and dance, watch clouds float on by.

Hold close those you cherish

and may your heart be embellished…

With healing and love

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and affiliations which grew me as mentioned above!

You are all my SUN – in one way or another.

Shine on beautiful people…shine on

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you


Corollation Flowerscape

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