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A summery welcome to you all... from my colourful studio of flower love!

"Where do I tell the story of how great the time has been, the sweet flower story that always brings me to my knees....where do I start?"

I begin with you this time. Sitting here at my desk I closed my eyes and I thought about you. I tried to imagine how you feel today, what place you are in in your heart and mind, us all being so close to the end of another year. I wonder if you are filled with hope and joy, having achieved your goals and created a sense of financial freedom or if you are starting to anxiously chew at the tether of another hard years end... perhaps in fear of the coming festive season not yet where you wish to be with money and your spiritual/soul walk.

How has your year been? How have you been? I see most of you in a FLOWERSCAPE for 45minutes or an hour and a half or some of you meet me in SCHOOL for 3-4 hours and we meet in colorful inspiration and playtime in a sense of deep soulful reflections. The gifts that are flowers hold us gently for this time and release us for the moment from the grip of reality and the harshness of ego and society. Then you leave me and we all return to the routine and the rush, to our lives. Have you managed to sift through the time you are given with each blessed day and found your me-space. Are you ready or are you not FOR THE GLORIOUS SUMMERTIME HOLIDAY?

I have rattled around in my mind-box to find things to include in OCTOBER'S news that will inspire you today, that will make you smile wider if you already are...and if you find yourself low, tired, not shining your Light, I hope too that this email will flick a switch inside you in a gentle reminder that you are beautiful, perfect and deeply loved. Enjoy!


I want to know the story of your year, please share it with me. What did this year hold for you? Tell me where you find yourself now. What changed, where did you grow? How did you manage that thing that was really hard that produced a positive outcome. What did you discover about you? What beauty did you find in you or this world whether through pain or joy?

I'm collecting a collage of your stories my flower fans, friends and kindred spirits, my students, retreat-ants, spectators and soul sisters.

I will pick one story that moves me the most and this person will win 2 tickets to spectate the MASTERFLORIST COMPETITION which I am hosting at GRAND DESIGNS LIVE in MAY next year.

Send your stories to me at Closing date is 25 November 2013.


This little sweetheart design stole my heart and is the star of the last two months (and I didn't make it!). Its the story behind it and the blend of colour here that I absolutely love!

Marietjie Reffo joined the team a while back and now heads up the events side of the business. She did Module 1 to 4 with me, volunteered to help on one of our big weddings last year and as fate would have it, stayed by my side.

She pulled this gorgeous combination of colour and form out of her heart for the STANDARD BANK learners graduation ceremony last we delivered 40 of these delights to the Wanderers club and lit up the place!

Included are: Cerese, pink, red and cream ranunculus, white iris, green carnations, pink alga lilies, lilac lizianthus, green feeling chrysanths, green lizard chrysanths


There is only one set of classes left for the year for newbies! So if you want to get started here are the options for 2013 and the dates for the first semester 2014


16th NOV – Module 1 / 1pm to 4pm

17th NOV – Module 2 / 10am t0 1pm


DATES FOR 2014 - book now!!

25th JAN – Module 1 / 9am till 12pm

22nd FEB – Module 2 / 9am till 12pm

15th MAR – Module 3 / 9am till 1pm

29th MAR – Module 4 / 9am till 1pm


For information on all the classes in this beginner and intermediate range and to book email Cindy




  • Due to popular demand I am now offering an extended course expanding on the design classes I have offered to date in Module 1 to 4 by including an intensive look at floristry as a business, weddings and events.

We will cover the financial side, buying selling, planning and the day to day running of a flower shop as well as how to do events in terms of the financial planning and margins as well as timing and execution. This includes weddings.


Every class will be either theory or practical and at times a combination of both.

There will be 18 sessions.

The course is open to students currently in short weekend classes 1 to 4, as you can join any session you wish by booking for that session.

FOR A SCHEDULE OF THESE CLASSES, pricing and to book email Cindy




Another soul story aligning to our theme is my connecting with Cindy Schutte earlier this year, which was no co-incidence. I needed an assistant really badly at the beginning of this year and the angels dropped her in. She has been outstanding filling classes, supporting students and even now completed her teacher training and is running a few classes with me! Not to mention the gentle backup at all the flower healing events and floral design demonstrations I have done this year and in general getting my back and managing my schedule! A huge affair!

Look at this girls flair! And she had never done flowers before in her life, a natural!

She pulled off this stunning event for the Feather awards in September whilst I was away in ITALY - suave sophisticated and glamorous! Well done Cindy!

Contemporary style.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and sharing. Remember to visit our website and follow me on twitter and Facebook as we post a lot of juicy flower tidbits and photos of all we are doing and creating. Click on the icons below for Facebook and twitter to be routed to our pages!

Stay happy and free!



Corollation Flowerscape

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