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Lightness is like hitting a spring of water inside. A sudden breakout from the dryness of your normal reactions as you begin to express from within, rather than just responding to what you see outside. It usually happens when you come upon a quality that hasn't been destroyed or jaded by time, something very old and inherent in you that has survived after birth. Most qualities and talents are developed through use, but are in some way diluted or changed.

Lightness is touching what makes you unique, because it has never changed.

What happens then? LAUGHTER. Laughter burbles out into your life. It may be that you have touched gentleness, eternal, unchanged gentleness and the spring always seems to come out in laughter.

And the charm and the joy of the laughter protects the gentleness that you have found. Because someone who is laughing touches everyone but cannot be touched.

And as the laughter strengthens two things happen...First comes the tendency to touch the value in others because innocence reaches the part in people that society teaches them to hide. Secondly the quality inside grows. The spring becomes a river and starts to flow through life in a more open, forceful way. So from a deep private discovery it becomes a part of your living. Not only that, it becomes a resource for others.

You can just sit beside a river and without it doing anything, you get in touch with who you really are and where you are going. 

May you unfold in newness and Lightness as of this day, this first day of SPRING

May flowers bloom in your soul and roots of freshness and Light and Love sprout in your veins

With petal magic,



Corollation Flowerscape

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