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Flowerscape is the therapeutic and revelational flower communication and flower healing method.

Receive a powerful and profound message for your life  as Jill facilitates a personal journey of self discovery for you using a range of seasonal blooms, in a mindful and magnificently healing way.


You will resonate with certain flowers on the day and in the session it will be revealed why these certain flowers align with you and what message and meaning each has

 for your life. 

This unique experience is offered as one on one sessions to individuals or as an entertaining and enlightening entertainment or inspirational event for groups in

corporate and private arenas.

White Flowers
  • Calming, inspirational and stress relieving 

  • Accessing natures infinite intelligence through flowers to receive wisdom and clarity

  • Gain valuable insights into your own self or current emotional or physical situations

  • Receive insights and clarity in areas of concern

  • Assist with letting go of trauma and sadness or emotional turmoil.

  • Conflict resolution (alone or attend with a partner or child)


SOUL INVESTMENT: R1250 per  1.5hr session

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