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Journey 1: Bloom in the Boardroom

Unlock the potential of your team with a unique Botanical Wellbeing and Communication Workshop.

In this hands-on workshop facilitated in your workplace or in one of our wellness studios, delegates will engage in a creative and reflective journey of personal discovery using flowers and other botanical elements. This experience is designed to improve communication between team members, build trust, reduce stress, and promote well-being in the workplace.

Not only can the botanical kingdom help us see a picture of who we really are, it can also help us find areas of our life we can change while at the same time identifying circumstances that are beyond our control. - Suzy Chiazzeri

What to Expect

Flowers and other inspirational natural elements from nature will be brought into the workplace to decorate and create a beautiful and positive sensory environment. In this space, an enjoyable 2.5hr session will resume as delegates will escape their desks and computers and immerse in the colour, beauty and naturally healing environment created for them.

During the workshop, our experienced facilitators will guide your team through a series of interactive processes. Delegates will choose flowers and elements they resonate with and through engaging with these, will be led on a profound and inspirational journey of self-discovery. A unique and transformative experience.

Relaxation and hands on creativity session follows in a fun and educational creative arranging process. Each person will create a floral and nature inspired composition that can be taken home with them. A unique design of botanical art where every element in the design holds meaning for their lives.


Key Takeaways

  • Reduced stress levels and promote a sense of calm – working with plants, flowers and nature can be a relaxing and meditative activity and being around flowers can have a positive impact on mood. The sight and scent of which can also be uplifting and a sense of joy and happiness.

  • Enhanced mindfulness – the practice of being present or in the moment is a natural by-product of working with flowers plants and nature and instantly occurs when one is creating art or designing with art-forms.

  • Improved communication and collaboration skills – using the medium of nature as a mirror to facilitate expression of feelings, thoughts and ideas.

  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities -– the creative activity can help stimulate the mind and creativity. Thinking out of the box improves problem solving abilities and encourages new ideas and thinking processes.

  • An opportunity to connect with colleagues in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

  • Skills improvement – flower arranging and art

We look forward to helping your team or individuals unlock their full potential through the healing power of flowers and the botanical kingdom!

Reaching Out
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Bloom where you are  are planted

Creative flower arranging workshops with soul

Enjoy a few hours amongst a feast of flowers and watch as Jill gives a live demonstration and creates a themed flower arrangement that is non-traditional and full of creative flair.


Delegates will be entertained by her exciting 'out-the-box 'thinking concepts that make flower arranging easy and fun.

Learn tips and tricks for buying flowers and making flowers last .

Gain valuable insights into arranging flowers to beautify any occasion.


Then, create your own design under her guidance and let your creativity play. Take home a beautiful floral design to enjoy and be proud of.

Your life story in flowers

In this refreshingly different concept for a motivational speaking event, Jill  shares the story of how flowers healed her life, how she found her calling, purpose and passion through flowers and left the corporate word to follow this calling.


An activity then follows where delegates get to choose flowers from a wide range of seasonal blooms provided on the day. Discover why these flowers are suited to your life and what message of healing and inspiration they hold for you.

If required a flower arranging lesson can follow to arrange your healing flowers and nature elements into a beautiful design and take your arrangement home with you.

A way to enjoy their essence and messages of blessings for even longer.

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