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Flower Journeys 

With Corporate Wellness such a necessity - what better way to bring healing and mental wellbeing into the office than through a flowers!

Entertain, Inspire or Build teams and individuals with an interactive and motivational flower arranging workshop.

We offer two creative, relaxing and uplifting sessions designed to stimulate and bring a sense of wellness and fulfilment to employees or clients. 


Perfect for:

 - Team building initiatives

- Client spoiling days

- Ice breaker for conferences/strategy sessions

- Product Launches

- Conferences

Creative play sessions

These team workshops or flower arranging sessions are held in a non-competitive creative environment and are aimed at sparking creativity and allowing a relaxation and escape into the beauty of the botanical kingdom …a moment away from the stress and pressure of daily life.


In these themed sessions, watch Jill create a design and learn really useful tips and tricks for keeping flowers alive and then unleash your own creativity and to make a unique floral design under Jill’s guidance and supervision.

A perfect way to entertain and spoil colleagues, employees or clients.

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Your life story in flowers

In this refreshingly different concept for a motivational speaking event, Jill  shares the story of how flowers healed her life, how she found her calling, purpose and passion through flowers and left the corporate word to follow this calling.


An activity then follows where delegates get to choose flowers from a wide range of seasonal blooms provided on the day. Discover why these flowers are suited to your life and what message of healing and inspiration they hold for you.

If required a flower arranging lesson can follow to arrange your healing flowers and nature elements into a beautiful design and take your arrangement home with you.

A way to enjoy their essence and messages of blessings for even longer.

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